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Dual Income, No Kids

"DINK" stands for "Dual Income, No Kids." It is used to describe a household or couple where both partners have incomes, and they have chosen not to have children. DINK couples are often characterized by their higher disposable incomes, as they don't have the financial responsibilities associated with raising children.

What You Need To Know

DINK households may have more flexibility in their financial decisions and lifestyle choices compared to households with children. They often have more discretionary income, which can be allocated to various expenses, such as travel, hobbies, saving for retirement, or investing.

Since they don't have the financial demands of raising children, DINK couples may have greater opportunities for career advancement, further education, and pursuing personal interests. Additionally, they may have more time and resources to focus on their relationship and personal development.

The decision to be a DINK couple is a personal one and can be influenced by various factors, such as career goals, lifestyle preferences, and individual priorities. Some couples may choose to be DINK for a period of time before starting a family, while others may decide to remain child-free throughout their lives.